Helping families in need


Where do you get your supplies from?

We buy the toiletries for our newborn packs in bulk. All other items are donated by local parents, who have heard about us through NCT, Facebook, Twitter, family and friends, from their health visitor, mums in playgrounds around the London Borough of Bromley, and so on.

What items do you accept? Are clothes included?

We can accept pretty much anything that is baby- or child-related, and in good condition including clothes. We also get requests for small household items and women’s clothes (including maternity clothes). However our storage space is limited, so we cannot accept as many items as we would like. We often request specific requests on our Facebook group, when we can pass them on to families in need and bypass the need for storage.

What age range are items required for?

We help people with children of all ages.

What happens to the items that are donated?

They are stored temporarily in our room at Big Yellow on Farwig Lane, Bromley. They are then distributed to families as and when requests for specific items are received.

What items are requested the most?

Nappies; baby monitors; cots; bedding; prams suitable for newborn babies and bouncey chairs.

Where do you get your funding from?

We have had some cash donations from individuals, but the majority of our funding has come from corporate sponsorship.

How can I make a donation of items?

We can collect items from people, or people can bring them to us in Bromley; please contact us by phone or email to make arrangements.

How can I make a cash donation?

Either by cheque or an electronic payment into our account; please contact us by phone or email for further information.

Do you need any help with BBB?

Yes! We always welcome extra help! There are lots of different ways people can support us: for example, by distributing leaflets amongst other local parents and in local surgeries and libraries; by collecting items on our behalf from friends, family and other contacts; by joining our Facebook group or following us on Twitter; and so on. We post vacancies on the team on our Facebook group as and when the need arises. If you would like to support us, please get in touch.

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