Helping families in need

Families we have helped

A mother and her 18 week old baby living in one small room in a hostel in St Mary Cray. We provided her with some clothes for her son;

A mother and her 6 week old baby who had just escaped from domestic violence and moved into a refuge in Bromley. We provided her with some clothes for her son, some nappies and some bottles;

“Thank you so much for the Moses basket and the toiletries; it has helped a lot and I really appreciate your kindness.”
Anonymous, expectant mum living in temporary accommodation, Catford

A married couple with three preschool boys, including a newborn baby, living in a rented attic in Anerley. The husband works but is on a very low income. The family lives in literally one room, plus a toilet; the boys sleep on a mattress on the floor and the baby sleeps in bed with the parents. They have no car, and when they were referred to us, they had no buggy either, so the mum was unable to take the children out. We have provided them with a pram, toiletries for the baby, plus clothes, books and toys for all the children;

I don’t know what I would have done without the help from Bromley Brighter Beginnings, starting over would have seemed impossible.
I fled domestic violence last year, I was pregnant and fleeing with my two children. After leaving the refuge and being rehoused everything was a battle. From being able to travel to the children’s schools, to getting food on the table. I didn’t qualify for the sure start maternity grant, so I basically had to count on hand me downs. But as we don’t know anybody in this area, it was very limited. If it wasn’t for Bromley Brighter Beginnings, we wouldn’t have had the essential things that are necessary for my baby girl. And it lightens the everyday that I can turn to them in hardship, so I can focus our limited funds on getting food  on the table.
I am ever so grateful. My sons realise the help we are getting, and fantasise about giving back when they’re grown up.
Anonymous, survivor of domestic violence

A single parent with a newborn baby plus a 4 year old daughter and a 10 year old daughter, living in Penge. The older children were sharing a broken bed, propped up on boxes. We supplied them with bunk beds, which we obtained through Freecycle. Several people were involved in this, from the people who kindly donated the bunk beds, to a friend with a big car who delivered the beds and assembled them for the mum. The children were absolutely delighted to have bunk beds of their own;

A recovering alcoholic who is successfully rebuilding her life. She had been advised by her social worker that her 3 month old son might have to go into care unless she could show she had the necessary items to keep him safely at home – a cot, a playpen and a highchair. We have provided mum with these items, all donated by local parents;

“Thank you for the cotbed for my son. I can’t believe it, it is awesome!”
Anonymous; victim of domestic violence, Orpington

A 16 year old schoolgirl who was in shock when she found out she was 34 weeks pregnant. On her behalf, her midwife requested some items that she therefore needed at short notice: a cot and one of our newborn packs containing nappies, toiletries and baby clothes;

A married couple living in Anerley with their 4 year old, 3 year old and newborn twins. Dad was working but on a low income. Mum was finding it impossible to get out of the house with the four children, and her health visitor was very concerned about her mental health. We provided her with a double pram, suitable for newborn twins, so she could get out with the children.


“I just want to thank you and everyone at Bromley Brighter Beginnings for the invaluable service that you provide for us at Bromley Women’s Aid. I cannot praise you all enough. The women and children using our services would certainly be lost without you all.  We only have to request something and I know that you bend over backwards to locate what we need. When we have women and children arriving literally in what they are wearing and nothing else, Emma and Bromley Brighter Beginnings are our first call. If I need anything for the playrooms or children you are there.  There is no other service like this and long may it continue. Many Thanks from us all”
Jan Wells, Child Support Worker, Bromley Women’s Aid

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